All About Buckethead

  • Artist: Buckethead
  • Genre: Instrumental
  • Total Albums: 50
  • Total Songs: 50+

Short Biography:

Music Albums of Buckethead

Electric Tears
Enter the Chicken
Crime Slunk Scene
Electric Sea
Giant Robot
Albino Slug
Captain EO s Voyage
Shadows Between The Sky
  • Shadows Between The Sky
  • Buckethead
Pepper s Ghost
Elephant Man s Alarm Clock
  • Elephant Man s Alarm Clock
  • Buckethead
Monsters and Robots
It s Alive
Slaughterhouse On the Prairie
  • Slaughterhouse On the Prairie
  • Buckethead
Empty Space
Inbred Mountain
Look up There
3 Foot Clearance
Acoustic Shards
March of the Slunks
Balloon Cement
The Shores of Molokai
Project Little Man EP
Sigil Soundtrack
It Smells Like Frogs
Island of Lost Minds
Chicken Noodles
  • Chicken Noodles
  • Buckethead Travis Dickerson
Hollowed Out
Claymation Courtyard
Underground Chamber
Forensic Follies
Needle In A Slunk Stack
  • Needle In A Slunk Stack
  • Buckethead
Forgotten Library
The Other Side of the Dark EP
  • The Other Side of the Dark EP
  • Buckethead
Our Selves EP
The Boiling Pond
Scroll of Vegetable EP
Polar Trench
Worms for the Garden
Mannequin Cemetery
Coat of Charms
Pearson s Square
The Coats of Claude
Listen for the Whisper EP
  • Listen for the Whisper EP
  • Buckethead
  • Requiem
  • Thanatopsis Buckethead Travis Dickerson
Northern Lights EP

Top Songs by Buckethead:

Enter the Chicken
Nottingham Lace by Buckethead
Crime Slunk Scene
Soothsayer dedicated to Aunt Suzie by Buckethead
Electric Tears
The Way to Heaven by Buckethead
Giant Robot
Welcome to Bucketheadland by Buckethead
The Android of Notre Dame by Buckethead
Electric Tears
Electric Tears by Buckethead
Electric Sea
Electric Sea by Buckethead
Monsters and Robots
Night of the Slunk by Buckethead
Electric Sea
The Homing Beacon by Buckethead
Albino Slug
Siege Engine by Buckethead
Electric Sea
Gateless Gate by Buckethead
Electric Tears
All In the Waiting by Buckethead
Monsters and Robots
Ballad of Buckethead by Buckethead
Electric Tears
Angel Monster by Buckethead
The Rising Sun - Single
The Rising Sun by Buckethead
Monsters and Robots
Nun Chuka Kata by Buckethead
Bucketheadland 2
Frozen Brains Tell No Tale by Buckethead
Electric Tears
Baptism of Solitude by Buckethead
Inbred Mountain
Lotus Island by Buckethead
Great Jewish Music: Marc Bolan
20th Century Boy by Buckethead
Decoding the Tomb of Bansheebot
Sail On Soothsayer In Memory of Aunt Susie 1932 2007 by Buckethead
Giant Robot
I Love My Parents by Buckethead
Electric Tears
Kansas Storm by Buckethead
Albino Slug
Dawn At the Deuce by Buckethead
Albino Slug
Forgotten Trail by Buckethead
Pepper's Ghost
Pepper s Ghost by Buckethead
Frankenseuss Laboratories by Buckethead
Electric Tears
Witches On the Heath by Buckethead
It's Alive
Barnyard Banties by Buckethead
Big Sur Moon by Buckethead
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